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Constructing New Intelligent Business Operations

Intelligent Business Solutions

  • Smart Finance
  • Smart Retail

Smart Finance

As a leading AI solution provider, YITU integrates companies' established products with the needs of practical business scenarios. That’s how technology powers business innovation, and business drives technological advances.

YITU's proprietary solutions for the financial industry cover all aspects of finance. The company provides comprehensive intelligent financial solutions that address each subfield and user scenario. This enables the shift to an intelligent financial industry and implementing new models in urban smart finance.

Smart outlet solution
  • The Smart Retail solution supports outlets to offer customized customer service and to create a better, more valuable customer experiences.  
Cardless ATM Withdrawal Solution
  • YITU's proprietary dual lens-based life form detection technology has been applied to ATMs at a number of banks such as China Merchants Bank and Agricultural Bank of China,to make ATM banking safer and faster .

Smart Retail

YITU combines remarkable AI technologies and innovative end products with industrial applications in areas like real-time analysis of big data, bottomless database mining, and cross-store alignment. These services provide various functions and applications at the business layer that facilitate comprehensive, precise control of merchandise data and provide a basis for refined store management. YITU's smart retail solution meets the needs of various business scenarios, and at the same time, the solution optimizes the allocation of retail resources and improves the consumer experience. It also provides innovation and discoveries of immense value for the retail industry, where the customer experience and operational efficiency are key.

Customer Identification Solution
  • Based on the facial recognition algorithm, YITU provides a public cloud service, intelligent end devices and application software, to recognize and push customer images in real-time, realizing front-end marketing and personalized services in stores in order to help stores enhance their customer service efficiency, marketing transformation, tapping into of potential customer groups and maintaining customer loyalty. YITU's products also offer flexible APIs that can be connected with existing systems for data sharing, to create rich holistic customer profiles.
4S Store Standard Solutions
  • Anchored by YITU's world class algorithm and based on a 4S store business work flow and troubleshooting, end-to-end solutions are customized to facilitate enhancement of the standard store management level by 4S brands or dealerships and accumulate rich customer data assets for improving the customer experience at the store.
Heat Map Solution
  • Digitizing browsing shopping behaviors of customers in the region based on tracking technology. By analyzing the relationship between people and products, this solution helps optimize product placement and displays, in-store trajectory design, and product/region preference analysis. In this way, stores can effectively improve their operation.

Application Scenarios

Creating efficient, customized, personalized and one-click intelligent business service scenarios based on integrated hardware-software and modulated AI solutions

Industry Applications

AI aids business entities in breaking through current business modules and widening development path

YITU helps Lincoln offer first-class customer service experience in its stores

YITU's personalized marketing solutions for retail businesses were applied to Lincoln, a world-famous high-end luxury car brand. The solution helped the enterprise enable non-perceivable notifications about second-visit customers. YITU solutions are also connected to the system to help sales managers offer considerate and continued services to customers to stores within a short period of time. This creates a top-class store service and experience for customers.


YITU guides the overall digitalization of offline stores to promote smart jewelry retailing and refined operation

YITU worked with high-end jewelry retailing brand Forevermark to empower the latter in its digital transformation of its offline stores. Leveraging YITU's millisecond-level data response and ability to model customer-product relationships, merchants are able to better understand customers to facilitate more targeted services and fine-grained retail store operations.


Reshaping offline customer-product-store relationships, YITU enters strategic partnership with well-known domestic shoes and apparel retailer

By leveraging YITU's AI technologies, the two parties analyzed the brick-and-mortar stores, and gradually developed a more cost-effective visual semantic system for retail. This allows accurate presentation of the relationships between people, products and stores. In addition to improving the efficiency of store operations and reducing deployment costs for stores. The company also provides the industry with a wealth of experience for the new retail shift.


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